Inventory Tracking & Management on a Single Platform

Through location-based software, It is possible to manage all asset tracking processes with RFID technology or QR code technology or Bluetooth technology from a single platform. Regardless of your infrastructure, all inventory processes are managed on a single platform.

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Technologies We Use

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RFID Technology

RFID tags are attached into inventories/assets in various ways (sewn, glued, screwed, etc.) and all inventory processes are tracked/managed on a location-based platform.

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Bluetooth/WiFi Technology

Bluetooth Tags are integrated into inventories/assets in various ways (glued, screwed, etc.) and all inventory/asset processes are tracked/managed on a location-based platform.

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QR Code Technology

By scanning the QR code on the inventory via mobile, all inventory processes are tracked on a location-based platform.

Modules We Offer

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Instantly receive an alarm notification when an inventory is out of stock, or when it goes for maintenance, or when it is missing, and send an e-mail to the relevant people via the platform.

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You can manage inventory maintenance operations with a single click with this modular structure that can answer many questions such as when the inventory entered the enterprise, when it needs to go to maintenance, whether it came back after it went to maintenance, which inventories are running out of life soon and etc.

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User Authorization

Increase the security of inventory processes by creating various authorizations such as personnel who may count inventory, personnel who can may inventory to stocks, and personnel who may delete inventory from stocks.

Common Features In All Modules

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Flexible Software Infrastructure

Whether you have an RFID or Bluetooth infrastructure or just inventory management processes via mobile, you can use the Indoor5.0 inventory/asset tracking & management platform in your infrastructure flexibly on a single platform.

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Location-Based Inventory/Asset Tracking

The positions of the signals received from mobile devices/RFID/Bluetooth tags are calculated with ML algorithms and the positions of the inventories are displayed on the platform.

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Single Platform

Regardless of the data source (RFID, Bluetooth, Wifi, QR code), all inventory/asset processes are managed on a single platform.


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ERP Integrations

Data exchange is provided in integration with ERP programs such as SAP/Logo/Oracle and etc.

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Integration with Stock Management Softwares

Data exchange is provided in integration with the software (MC, etc.) that uses in your business for stock management.

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CRM Integrations

Data exchange is provided with CRM programs(Power BI, etc) to match relevant data with customer data or to create some analysis data regarding inventory/asset processes.

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Categorize and Manage inventories/assets with RFID tags or QR codes via the Indoor5.0 Dashboard. You can create categories such as Kitchen (pots, pans, cauldrons, forks, knives, etc.), Office (tables, chairs, computers, monitors, etc.) and plan individual processes for each category via the Dashboard.

  • alternative text Management of processes such as asset adding, tracking, etc. via Dashboard
  • alternative text You can instantly count your assets via the Dashboard.
  • alternative text You can create asset categories and filter on the dashboard according to the created categories
  • alternative text You can create asset footprint with asset Log records.
  • alternative text You can create an email notification in case of inventory displacement
  • alternative text You can track assets when assets go for repairs to the supplier and when they come again.
  • alternative text With the Android RFID Handheld Terminal, you can read the tags and send the data to the Dashboard together with the location information where the tags were read.
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Purpose of the Platform

The Inventory Tracking System detects where your products are at every stage using wireless communication. This helps maximise efficiency and profitability, while minimising the potential for loss and error for businesses. With instant data streaming, the system gives businesses complete control over their inventory, reducing unnecessary stock costs.

What Does Indoor5.0 Provide?

The solutions we offer are geared to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. RFID Inventory Tracking System is suitable for a wide range of businesses from retail to healthcare, from manufacturing to logistics. The flexibility of the system allows it to quickly adapt to different industry and business requirements, thus ensuring fluency and efficiency in your business processes.

~50% Reduce Your Costs
~70% Accelerate Operations
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Ease and Flexibility of Integration

We offer easy and flexible integration with the existing systems of your business. Our compatibility with the industry's leading ERP and PMS systems such as Logo, SAP, Fidelio ensures that your business data is consistent, up-to-date and accessible. Thus, it eliminates the need for manual data entry and minimises the possibility of errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

An asset tracking system is a system that allows an organisation to effectively manage and track its physical inventory, stocks and assets. These systems keep track of where products and materials are, how much of them are available and when they need to be ordered again. In this way, companies can avoid unnecessary inventory costs and increase operational efficiency.
An Inventory tracking system helps businesses automate order processes, optimise stock levels, improve warehouse management and reduce unnecessary stock holding costs. It also has benefits such as preventing loss and theft, providing accurate order information and increasing overall operational efficiency.
From a financial perspective, an asset tracking system helps businesses reduce inventory costs, optimise capital utilisation and improve cash flow. Smart inventory management reduces the costs of holding excess inventory and sales losses due to lack of stock. In addition, with more accurate and timely ordering processes, businesses can achieve more robust financial results by increasing customer satisfaction.
Passive RFID tags receive their energy from the radio frequency signal sent by the Access Point readers on ceiling and with this energy, the tag sends the information back. In contrast, active RFID tags have an internal power source (usually a battery), allowing them to be read over longer distances and have larger data storage capacities. While active RFID is generally more expensive, passive RFID is more cost-effective.
RTLS (Real-Time Location System) stands for real-time location system and allows to track the location of objects or people in real time. RTLS provides precise location information of targeted items, usually using a combination of RFID technology and wireless communication technologies. This system is used to track assets and people in many industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and logistics.
RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) stands for radio frequency identification. This technology uses radio frequency waves to store and transmit data wirelessly. RFID systems usually consist of two main components, a tag and a reader. The tag contains an antenna and a microchip, while the reader receives data from these tags and processes the information, usually integrated with a database.
Counting is the process of determining and recording the physical inventory of an enterprise in quantity. This process helps businesses to accurately understand the current stock status and financial reporting. Manual counts are a process where employees physically count and record inventory, while automated inventory tracking systems (such as RFID, barcode) can perform this process with less human intervention and faster.

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